Medium Air Plant Holder Wall Sconce

A beautiful minimalist brass wall sconce which looks great on its own or as an air plant holder. These ornaments are handmade using brass tubes and wire and are carefully measured so that they sit flat against the wall. They can be affixed to the wall simply using 1 or 2 small nails at the top and bottom of the sconce.

This comes with a Tillandsia gardneri air plant. To keep these unique plants thriving, make sure to give them a weekly bath for around 30-60 minutes and give them access to lots of bright indirect light. If you are using the sconce to house an air plant, please make sure to remove the air plant from the sconce before soaking or misting... brass is not a fan of water!

Dimensions of brass sconce (without air plant):

Height - 21cm / 8 inches
Width - 15.5cm / 6 inches
Depth - 7cm / 3 inches