Wax Melt Snap Bars

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Wee Bee Melts are created using hand poured, highly scented natural soy wax. Due to the natural products used there may be slight colour variations in batches. During busy periods Wee Bee Melts may use a different wax mould to speed up production meaning instead of 5 sections you’ll get 10 squares (see last photo)

Snap Bars - 50g. 12-18 hour per 2 sections of the snap bars/ 30-50 hours for the entire bar.

Available in a range of scents:

Earl Grey & Cucumber

Notes of: Bergamot, lemon, earl grey, jasmine, amber & cedar.

Smells like: Jo Malone perfume

Cardamon & Mimosa

Notes of: Cardamom, mimosa, eucalyptus, almond, honey, violet & cucumber

Balsam & Cedar

Notes of: Sweet pine, Cedarwood, orange, peach, oak, eucalyptus, & amber.

Smells like: Fresh woodland walk.

Bay & Rosemary

Notes of: Rosemary, bay, lemon, clary sage, cyclamen, soft woods & musk

Smells like: A relaxing aroma of herbs with a hint of zest

Peony Blush

Notes of: Peonies, jasmine & gilly flower.

Smells like: Jo Malone, Peony & Blush Suede. Deep florals with a warm feel.

Sea Breeze

Notes of: Bergamot, orange, sea salt, jasmine, bamboo, sandalwood and musk.

Smells like: A beach walk. Fresh, uplifting & clean.

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