Hanging Speckled Pot


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Small ceramic hanging pots with speckle design on outside. These pots do not have a drainage hole so we recommend using an inner pot, the small pots that you can often buy cacti or succulents in fit inside. The pots have 3 holes threaded with cotton cord with macrame detail to hang.

They are small enough that they can hang from a hook on a wall.

Diameter 7cm at the top and 10cm tall. The hanging length of the string is around 24cm from the loop to the top of the pot.

These are slip cast using earthenware slip. Last Winter made the plaster cast for these from a wooden model which was turned on a lathe. The pots are fired once in the kiln and then the colour and clear glaze applied before they are fired for a second time time.

Each pot is slightly different due to their handmade nature so the decoration will be slightly different to the photographs. There may be some small imperfections.

We do not recommend watering the plants in the pots, remove the inner pot, water the plant and replace in the pot once it has stopped draining.

The listing is for one pot. Plants not included.