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©2019 by Tori Gray for Harbour Lane Studio.

Illustrated Lampshades

The fun of custom

Have it your way!

Got a favourite place? A loved holiday cottage? Or maybe you just love your house and the street it's on. Why not have it turned into a lampshade by Tori at Harbour Lane. 

She makes all the lampshades in store by hand and can make them at any dimensions to suit your needs. From dinky 15cm up to a statement making 70cm or more if your heart desires!

Lampshades make great gifts at weddings or for a new house - but they also make great gifts just for yourself too!



Classic Design

One of Tori's popular designs, including: 3 Bridges, Harbour Houses and The High Street.

25cm Diameter   -  £48  
30cm Diameter   -   £56
45cm Diameter   -   £96
60cm Diameter   -  £140

Custom Design

Why not have something designed just for you, featuring your favourite place?

25cm Diameter   -  £68
30cm Diameter   -   £76
45cm Diameter   -   £126
60cm Diameter   -  £175

The above sizes are just a selection of what's available. Drum lampshades start at a dinky 15cm diameter and go up to a statement making 70cm diameter. If you don't see the size you're after get in touch and you'll be given a quote before any work starts. Tori is happy to discuss ideas to fit any budget. A deposit is usually required for any custom pieces.

hard to fit a lampshade in a suitcase?

Flat Pack 


available now!

any design at any size. Get in touch to discuss


Get in touch and let's make your idea happen